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As they say, Rome was not built in a day. This project wasn’t either. But it’s concept, the principal thought, didn’t even took a minute. On a fateful day , it flashed in my mind like a lightening, and, before it’s sparkling dazzle could vanish into the oblivion, in that fraction of ‘the moment’, the thought of this project was imprinted on the walls of my mind in fire and gold. “Someone needs to do this. We owe this to the world. So why shouldn’t that someone be me?” In the dark of that night, this noble thought saw it’s dawn as it arose from its dirt and dusk.

In this fast wireless age, with everything around, except time, we cannot allow great scriptures and writings to gather dust and fritter away in the dark. Not me. People cannot take out time to read but maybe they can listen. So listen they would. And this is how this podcast was born. Born to benefit the housewives, busy building and decorating their lovely homes.
Born to benefit the working persons who don’t have time in hand.
Born to benefit the disabled, the illiterate, the children, the ageold people – practically everyone.

Available in your car stereo, laptop, desktop, mobile, internet, its there wherever you are. So as you rush through your day or choose to rest in between.

I am waiting for you with some of the greatest literary legends with their greatest stories…

…waiting to unfold anew to you. Welcome to the great world of greatest stories ever told. Welcome to www.KahaniSuno.com.